PermaGrin Films partners with B&H

We are happy to announce that PermaGrin Films has partnered up with B&H Photo & Video as affiliates! PermaGrin Films is committed to providing outside-the-box productions that bend imagination and press creativity to the limits. While doing so we use some amazing technology that we want to share with you.

Through B&H we will be able to provide you with updates on deals and reviews of the gear we use. We are dedicated to helping other creative’s reach their full potential by answering any questions we can about our productions, so from here on out we will be providing a full gear list of what we use on each project.

To kick this off we have a killer deal! We use the Sandisk 16GB microSDHC cards to capture all of the video off of our GoPro Array. If you are looking to purchase some, B&H is doing a sale for $11.95 per card. Not Bad. Check it out here!

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