PermaGrin catches a Meteorite Explosion

While out time-lapsing late in the evening, Marc Donahue of PermaGrin Films spotted a Meteorite exploding in the top of his screen. Check out the article from

When a team of filmmakers set up to capture the night sky, they expected beautiful, star-filled images that would make any cameraman happy.

But as evening fell, and the video was rolling, they stumbled across a rare astronomical phenomenon.

PermaGrin Films was in Santa Cruz, California, shooting a timelapse when they captured what appears to be an exploding meteor.

Filmmaker captures exploding meteor while filming night sky

A member of the team told Motherboard: ‘We saw a huge bright flash in the sky. It even lit up the entire ground.

‘We looked up and saw a huge streak across the sky of burning dust.’

They were shooting 15 second exposures, and saw the dust in 50 frames – which meant the stardust was falling for longer than 12 minutes.

Meteors normally explode because of air resistance and compression.

Some of the denser material may make it do the ground but the weaker parts of the meteor will succumb to the atmospheric pressure.

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