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About PermaGrin Films

PermaGrin Films stands for something much bigger than creating a perspective that provokes thought and encites awe. Marc Donahue, founder and key cinematographer of PermaGrin Films, started this company with a mission in mind:

“The best parts of life pass us by so fast. Nostalgia, happiness, laughter; these are all things I most enjoy and I want other people to experience this through the content we create.”

With the support of an amazing production team led by his manager and producer, Roth Rind, PermaGrin Films can meet and surpass the need of any project with up to 6K resolution solutions, motion controlled time-lapse, GoPro Arrays, and more.

Our Sponsors

Over the years we have been fortunate to grow relationships with our sponsors and acknowledge that we would not be where we are without their constant support. Here is a list of our current sponsors: