27 07, 2018

PermaGrin catches a Meteorite Explosion

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While out time-lapsing late in the evening, Marc Donahue of PermaGrin Films spotted a Meteorite exploding in the top of his screen. Check out the article from DailyMail.co.uk When a team of filmmakers set up to capture the night sky, they expected beautiful, star-filled images that would make any cameraman happy. But as evening fell, and the video was rolling, they stumbled across a rare astronomical phenomenon. PermaGrin Films [...]

30 06, 2018

Collaborating on “Final Fantasy VII”

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PermaGrin Films had the opportunity to collaborate with Rind-Raja Picture Company on creating a proof of concept for a live action version of Final Fantasy VII. Roth Rind, the producer and director, released the following about his experience on the project. "Final Fantasy VII was a phenomenon that not only spawned sequels and spin-offs and anime films, but also ignited the imagination of millions of kids [...]

20 06, 2018

PermaGrin Films partners with B&H

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We are happy to announce that PermaGrin Films has partnered up with B&H Photo & Video as affiliates! PermaGrin Films is committed to providing outside-the-box productions that bend imagination and press creativity to the limits. While doing so we use some amazing technology that we want to share with you. Through B&H we will be able to provide you with updates on deals and reviews of the gear we [...]

9 06, 2018

“Rainbow Punch” Drops Psychedelic Visuals

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We just wanted to share with you this new rad video made by us over at PermaGrin Films. In this piece, we experimented with light in a whole new way. Using the Rock Stix 2 multi-colored LED drum sticks, long exposure photography, and Twixtor by RE:Vision Effects, we created a thumping visual sensation that will blow your mind!

26 05, 2018

Getting “Loud” with breakdance in San Francisco

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PermaGrin Films first hooked up with breakdance crew Uncomfortably Fresh in September 2014 to produce a video at their gym in San Diego, CA. director Marc Donahue and crew leader Danny Gram collaborated to create 'Breaking Gravity,' which quickly became a viral hit. Following its success, Donahue, producer Roth Rind, and writer Brandon Silberstein worked together to conceptualize a music video follow up to 'Breaking Gravity.' UF veteran Nico [...]

18 04, 2018

“Breaking Gravity” with PermaGrin Films

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Video Production Team: http://PermaGrinFilms.com Director: Marc Donahue - https://www.facebook.com/permagrinfilms/Bullet-time action of breakdancers, gymnasts and parkour athletes. The crew True Movement shows off their skills while PermaGrinFilms captures the epic performance with a 20 camera GoPro Array and a Red Epic at San Diego United Training Center. The athletes soar high in the air using an AirTrack Mat. The foam pit seems angry, spitting blocks at the athletes [...]

10 04, 2018

“Tesla – Establish the Impossible” Commercial

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The challenge on creating this commercial, was to make it for less than $400... But it's a Tesla. Thanks to some wonderful sponsors we were able to acheive this! Check it out. Featuring - Richard Goeb Executive Producer - Marc Donahue Director - Stephen Burich Co-Producers - Jay K. Raja & Roth Rind Director of Photography - Roth Rind & Marc Donahue Assistant Camera - Bryce Grimm [...]

10 04, 2018

A Stop Motion Summer – Commercial for “Vooray”

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PermaGrin Films worked with clothing designer Todd Nyman, for Vooray, INC. on this fun stop motion piece, intergrating time-lapse, lyric-lapse, and video techniques... and for our fans, we have a nice discount for you on this summer's clothing line. Check it out! 25% off Entire Site at vooray.com using my unique code "vrpermagrin1" Directed/Edited by Marc Donahue - tinyurl.com/kxhokjo Producer - Roth Rind - rind-raja.com 1st Assistant Camera - [...]